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Maybe it’s me, but people don’t seem to stick around - and it makes me question myself in the process.

Nonetheless, when people decide to leave, I have to let them. It’s selfish of me to expect them to cherish friendship and loyalty the way I do.

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I stick to what I promise. Even if it breaks me.

I’ve been a good friend, loyal even. But no matter how I force my brain to think of reasons on your cold shoulders i cant find any. No matter how i tell myself that it’s your loss not mine your welfare still bothers me. You’re in a condition that requires moral support and most of all hands to hold. You need me. Or maybe not. Maybe im just assuming that i’m the only person behind you giving support. Maybe i’m just assuming that I am understanding you. Maybe I’m assuming i have helped you on your lowest lows. Maybe i’m just assuming that you care for me. Maybe i’m just assuming that i’m your person too. Maybe… I’m just assuming everything.

This, whatever this is, it frustrates me. You’re more stubborn than me but very very weak. I already gave everything. Maybe not my all but i think it’s enough for you to stand and move on with your life. I have never given up on you yet but i dont want to say things i know i’ll regret. I also don’t want to lose hope. I’ll move away for a while until we can clear the air suffocating between us. I’m not sure until when but I hope when the right time comes either one of us still has the courage to say hello. And i hope that that right time is not too far from now cos i care for you if you haven’t notice. And i stick to what i promise even if it breaks me.

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We are not on the same level

I told myself that I won’t be affected and much more be involved with issues of people I didn’t know or not even care about. But much to my dismay a simple question ticked me off tonight that flips my emotion upside down.

Oh it’s not really a question but more of an accusation of something I didn’t even care about! I know that I should not be affected if I’m not guilty but fuck it! Seems like they already made their conclusions and framed it like I was the little bird chirping confidential information to people. I’m sorry to break this to their faces but as much as i would like to announce it to the whole world, no I won’t do that cos I know  what confidential means. Even though I am upset or pissed off or even Richard Gere asked me to spill out the information, nah sorry i wont say anything cos I know what it feels to be betrayed and I don’t want anybody felt that feeling. 

Ugh, until now I’m pissed. After they asked me the question,all I wanted to do is to summon all the people involved and “let’s face each other bitches”. 

But I didn’t and will not stoop down that low. I am just pissed but not mad with anyone cos they don’t deserve my madness or any shit from me. Their maturity level and professionalism is not even par with mine so might as well shove everything under the rug and let the maid get it the next day she cleans up. :)

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"Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead."
Louisa May Alcott (via misswallflower)
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Sunday Fun day! Hey!

I am supposed to write something about how awesome i spent my Sunday. HAHA. But words can’t find their right track to my head and into the keys I keep hitting. So pardon for the blabber you’ll be reading below. 

I usually spend my Sunday with family or friends, indoor and just catching up with how we’re dealing with life in general. We may have some tea or alcohol or whatever’s necessary, depending on the mood. But this Sunday, I decided to be wholesome without the alcohol and spend the entire day with family. :D

Together with my nieces we decided to hit the road and visit my employer’s event which is the Shell Eco-Marathon 2014. ‘Twas fun, most especially for the kiddos. There are a lot of entertaining activities in the lab that keep my sisters and nieces super giddy and hungry after,

Smiles still on their faces on the onset of building their own salt water powered mini car.

Looking serious and after an hour of painstakingly putting together the car parts, I think none of them got to make the car move. 

Solving puzzles 

Dancing their asses out to produce energy

Then when the heat drained all my energy out, we decided to end the day watching the fountains in the park.

Obligatory jump shot cos they’re happy I’m treating them all to dinner

Ahoy, Sunday! Until next week.:)

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aliyahevangelista asked: Hello Kelly, how are you doing? Your blog is so neat and cute! IMY!


Hi @aliyahevangelista i just read ur message! You’re so sweet as always 😘 i’m fine, thank you for asking. Catch up soon, yes? Haha

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